Amy Loves Her New Vision

October 10, 2017 | Testimonials

After years of hating glasses and contacts, Amy knew it was time for a change. Now she’s jet skiing glasses free! Watch as she shares her LASIK experience.

Amy: I was probably in my early 20s whenever I had to wear them constantly, the glasses. You know, it kind of started off, "Well, I'm going to try and get away with not wearing them." and then it was, "Okay, I need to wear them while I'm driving."  We have jet skis and so a lot of times, you know, with the water splashing up in your face and everything, I would actually put on a pair of goggles so that I wouldn't worry about my contacts getting washed out.

I kind of did a little research. Looked at a few places online and I thought, "I'm going to give ClearSight a try." I actually know somebody that came here. He was super successful. He had nothing but wonderful things to say.

I came in that morning and, very nervous obviously. Everybody, the staff was wonderful, I mean, from the very beginning from my very first check to see if I qualified. They took me in the back room and the nurses were awesome, very reassuring, very calming. Then I met with Dr. Luke and he reassured me. He was like, "It'll be quick, painless." I walked in the door. They asked me what songs, you know, what kind of music I wanted to hear and two songs later I was up off the table and walking out the door.

I walked into my bedroom and I looked at the alarm clock and it was that bright neon blue and for the first time ever it had been crystal clear. Not blurry or anything at all like at 6:30 that night. I was like, "Oh, my gosh. This is crazy."

The procedure is quick. It's painless. There's just nothing really to worry about. They take care of everything for you and then once it's over with, you have this awesome vision that you never dreamed of having.


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