Channon’s Life is Wonderful Without Readers

May 9, 2017 | DLR, Testimonials

Channon’s Life is Wonderful Without Readers

Before CLR, Channon felt handcuffed to her readers. Now she can leave the house without them!

Channon: I had seen ClearSight’s advertisement. I thought I would check this out and see what it could offer me. I had never used real glasses, just reading glasses. They were going through the different options that would help me. We did different tests and came to the conclusions that the CLR surgery would be great for me
I was nervous and also I was excited. I was nervous, because even though they had went through every step, step by step what would happen during and after, I had never had any kind of eye surgery before. Once I had one eye done, I knew what to expect. So, the next day I was like "Let's do this."

I like Doctor Luke. He goes over everything with you from the day one. Even after the first surgery, he texted to see if I was okay. I was like "Oh, wow, that's so generous."

Life without readers is wonderful, wonderful.

I do not have to take or carry reading glasses with me all the time. In the beginning, if I went shopping, anything I did I needed reader glasses.

I think the reason you should get it done, and if you're nervous, yes, that's a common way to feel and I understand that, but the overall after the end of this of getting the surgery, you can see clearly. You don't have to use glasses. You're free of all that.

I see wonderfully after having the surgery.

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