Davina Is Free From Readers After KAMRA

April 11, 2017 | Testimonials

Davina Is Free From Readers After KAMRA

Readers were a hassle for Davina, and KAMRA fixed that! Watch as she shares her wonderful ClearSight experience with you.

Davina: Having to wear glasses everyday when I left the house, you know for driving, even going out on the lake on the boat, it was really a hassle because I couldn't wear sunglasses unless I got prescription glasses, and so keeping up with glasses and making sure I had my glasses everywhere I went, it was a real pain.

I decided to make the appointment with ClearSight because I heard on the radio about the KAMRA inlay and that really fascinated me, and so I did the research and I decided to make the appointment to see if I would be a good candidate. When I walked in, everybody was friendly and informative. They were answering questions and just helping me to understand what the process was like and going through the testing. It was very thorough.

The day of the procedure I was a little bit nervous. I'm not going to fudge on that at all. I was a little bit nervous but I had full confidence in Dr. Luke's ability to do what he said he'd do. I did not have any pain with the procedure. I was quite surprised. I thought there would be some but everything for me went well.

The KAMRA inlay has helped me at work by way of not having to depend on readers whenever I'm having to read papers, read letters, work on the computer.

I'm just free from having to have any type of glasses. I would highly encourage anyone to go ahead and really look into it, do the research and go in and have the test, getting the testing done to see if you're a candidate for it.

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