A Financial Advisor Invests in KAMRA Inlay

February 23, 2016 | Testimonials

A Financial Advisor Invests in KAMRA Inlay

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Jeff Pilkington:

I think back into my mid and late 40s when I was noticing that I was having to rely more and more on reading glasses just to get through the day. I asked my optometrist at that time, "Would I be a good candidate for LASIK surgery?" He said, "Nah, just age is kind of kicking in on you." I didn't think much about it until recently heard about the KAMRA Inlay procedure. It got my attention once again. Contacted ClearSight and it was kind of an easy process from that point.

It took a couple days to have a little bit of clearing in the operated eye. There seemed to be a little "film" over it. I found myself reading the prescription that was given to me by ClearSight, by Dr. Luke, and I'm going, "I'm reading this without my reading glasses." I thought, "Okay. I can do this." As a financial advisor, I do a lot of reading, a lot of computer-related work, charts and graphs. Within the first couple months I've just seen great improvement. It's just nice not having to … glasses on, glasses off all day long.

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