Get Fit, Improve Your Eyesight

August 27, 2015 | Uncategorized

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Get Fit, Improve Your Eyesight

From an early age you're taught the importance of physical fitness. You know a good workout benefits nearly every part of your body, from the heart, to your muscles, to your ability to think more clearly.

Did you know staying fit is also good for your eyesight? Here’s how.

Exercise refines the blood vessels and improves blood flow

Walking, biking, running, and lifting weights all strengthen and refine the blood vessels in your body, improving the flow of blood. Better blood flow and stronger blood vessels, in turn, improve a person’s eyesight. Since improved blood flow supplies the eyes with more blood, the eyes have more energy to do what they have been designed to do and also, as a result, become better at what they have been designed to do.

Exercise improves your ability to track fast moving objects

When you exercise you’re often moving faster — like when biking, running and playing tennis. It takes healthy eyes to do this, of course, which is why clear vision from ClearSight LASIK is beneficial. With healthier eyes, the tracking of objects required when exercising improves brain function and your overall ability to think more clearly.

Exercise might protect our eyes as we age

Research out of Emory University School of Medicine show a link between exercise and the slowing of macular degeneration. A study on mice showed positive results. Dr. Jeffrey Boatright, an associate professor of ophthalmology, told the New York Times that exercise "costs almost nothing and results in you making your own growth factors, which is so much safer and more pleasant than having a needle stuck into your eyeball.”

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