Michelle’s Feeling Younger After Lens Replacement

March 7, 2017 | DLR, Testimonials

Michelle’s Feeling Younger After CLR

When Michelle hit her 40s, reading glasses became a necessity. That’s when CLR changed everything! Watch as Michelle describes her experience at ClearSight

Michelle: I heard about ClearSight Center, I think a friend told me. I was interested in seeing what could be done, because I wear contacts, gas permeables, but they were a little tough with the wind we have in Oklahoma. I came in for a consult and found out I needed a RK on just one of my eyes and got that done. It was awesome. I could see 20/16 out of that eye.

Unfortunately, I got into where I was pushing my forties and I needed reading glasses. So, I went to reading glasses for about 14 years, and then I thought "You know, I'm done with these glasses." So, I came back. I just came in to see what my options were or what I would be a good candidate for. Found out it was the CLR, dysfunctional lens replacement.

There's a little apprehension any time you're about to get something done to your eyes, your face, or whatever. I wasn't nervous at all. I was excited. I couldn't wait to get it done. The discomfort was minimal. It was only like my eye was maybe a little sore the first day.

You can lose the bifocals because you can read without them. You don't have glasses digging in your nose or behind your eyes. You don't have them fogging up on you when you walk outside and the weather's a little humid or cold. You feel younger because you look younger, because you're not sporting glasses.

I thought it was a good investment in my future. Typically, everyone's gonna need cataract surgery eventually if you life long enough.

I just got it done early, and now I can enjoy my vision while I'm still young and not have to wait till I'm in my mid-seventies.

Just come in to see what's available and what options you have, at least check it out.

CATEGORIES: DLR, Testimonials

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