No More Readers After KAMRA Inlay

August 24, 2016 | Testimonials

No More Readers After KAMRA Inlay

Former operating room nurse Melissa was tired of squinting to see her phone. Watch as she explains how the KAMRA Inlay made everyday tasks a magical experience.

Melissa: I was trying to avoid using readers as much as possible, but I was blowing up the font on my phone, blowing up the font on my iPad. Everywhere I went, I was squinting.

The procedure was so simple. I mean, I was comfortable the whole time, sat down, laid down. I knew exactly what was coming, for how long, and when. There's always somebody saying, "This is what's going to happen. Here's what we're doing now. You're doing fine." I was very encouraged the whole time.

The whole experience was amazing. I'm originally an operating room nurse, and the people that were care at ClearSight are the highest level in their field. The whole operating room staff, Dr. Luke, everybody treated me like family. They were wonderful and just experts In their field.

It's amazing just the level of detail that I can see when I'm looking even on ingredients. I like to cook, and looking on the side of a package where I have to look at the small print for ingredients, I can see that now. That's exciting. The other thing that I noticed, and I asked people about this, I didn't know I was going to be able colors more clearly and more crisply. Little things like that, I'm noticing details on trees when I'm taking a walk, all of that is just magical.

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