No More Cataracts.
No More Glasses.

Our goal is to provide glasses-free vision after Custom Cataract Surgery.

Are You A Candidate?

No More Cataracts.
No More Glasses.

Our goal is to provide glasses-free vision after Custom Cataract Surgery.

Are You A Candidate?

Why does Cataract Surgery have to be so confusing?

The path to crisp, clear vision after cataract surgery can be a long, difficult road to navigate.

  • What does my insurance cover?
  • Why do I have to wait a month to get an evaluation somewhere?
  • Why can't I have both eyes treated on the same day?
  • What does my doctor mean my cataracts "aren’t ready" yet?

At 43Vision, we believe there’s a better way…
Custom Cataract Surgery!

We have a proven process and advanced technology to get you your best vision possible.

Transparent Pricing

  • No Copays or Deductibles
  • No Surprise Bills months later
  • Flexible Payment Plans to fit your Budget

No Wasted Time

  • Appointment times that fit your schedule
  • Both eyes treated the Same Day
  • All appointments, including surgery, at One Location

Excellent Results

  • Experienced Surgeons
  • Easy Access to our team
  • Customized to eliminate Readers and Bifocals

We offer a concierge level of service, treat our patients like family and get you back to your life faster.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It…


Crystal Edmiston

Having Cataract Surgery, also known as Lens Replacement, was the best healthcare decision I’ve ever made. My lifestyle has improved so much. No more using readers off and on every day to read. Grocery shopping was a nightmare if you read labels. Now it’s a breeze and I feel great. Just stop waiting if you need better vision. 43Vision is a top notch professional clinic and made me feel so comfortable


Robyn Reed

Having Custom Cataract Surgery at 43Vision was the best decision I have made!  Lights are brighter, clearer, and sharper than they have been in years.  I never thought I would ever be able to see this amazing again!  The team was with me every step of the way, answered all of my questions, and made me feel like part of their family.  They are definitely the “Chick-Fil-A” of Cataract Surgery!


Ron Rebenitsch

My cataract lens experience was amazing.  Dr. Brown and the staff were highly professional and very customer-oriented.  As an engineer, I appreciated the thorough and complete analysis of my eyes before surgery.  My vision is great, and for the first time in my life, I can wear cool sunglasses.  43Vision gave me back  both my near and far vision, so I don’t need readers anymore!

Restore Your Crisp, Clear, Youthful Vision in 3 Easy Steps

Come See Us

Come meet with one of our doctors and get all your questions answered.

Have Your Procedure

Have your Custom Cataract Surgery from one of our experienced surgeons.

Enjoy Clear Vision!

Experience the freedom of life without cataracts, readers, or bifocals.

Our Doctors were patients

Meet Your Team

Leaders in Custom Cataract Surgery

As board certified surgeons, we have dedicated our lives to becoming leading experts in Cataract Surgery. We have given thousands of people, including our families, freedom from their dull, blurry vision. We treat our patients like family, and we look forward to doing the same for you.

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All-Inclusive Pricing + 0% Financing Options

We are fully transparent when it comes to the investment in your vision correction. Our all-inclusive pricing has no hidden fees, no mysterious up-charges and no surprise bills.

We partner with trusted lenders to help make financing simple and easy.

We’ll work with you on a plan to get you the vision you want NOW so you can pay for it over time in a way that fits your budget.

“I just wish I had done it sooner!”

The one thing we hear our patients say is they wish they would have had the Custom Cataract Surgery sooner!

So the question for you is… why wait any longer?

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Life Changing
What will you do with your clearsight?

What will you do with
your new vision?

— Real 43Vision Patients —

Our Doctors have over
1,000 5-STAR reviews
through ClearSight LASIK!

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