These are some of the questions we get the most from prospective patients. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Does it hurt?

We are glad to say that all of our procedures are virtually painless. We will provide you with everything you need to calm your nerves and keep you comfortable throughout your procedure.

How long will recovery take?

You can expect to be seeing better the very next day, and most people can return to a light work load just a couple days later. With Custom Lens Replacement, there is a lifting and bending restriction for one week, so you may need more time off depending on what you do for work. LASIK patients can typically drive the very next day and be back to work in a day or two.

Why can’t I have LASIK?

Even though LASIK is great for some people, it isn’t perfect for everyone. LASIK is great for fixing distance vision and astigmatism, but it can’t help you get rid of readers or bifocals. The great news is that Custom Lens Replacement can fix your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism all in one procedure, meaning you can get rid of all of your glasses! As an added bonus, you will never develop cataracts.

Will my vision change over time?

Without vision correction, the answer is yes. Once you find yourself needing readers, your vision will only continue to get worse as you age. Eventually the hardening of your natural lens will turn into a cataract, which will leave your vision cloudy and blurred at all distances. But with Custom Lens Replacement, those natural vision changes would no longer be an issue for you!

Will I still have to have Cataract Surgery?

If you have Custom Lens Replacement you will never need cataract surgery. While it is important to continue having annual eye exams to ensure the overall health of your eyes, cataracts can be checked off the issues list entirely.

What is the risk?

Custom Lens Replacement is considered one of the safest medical procedures and millions of people around the world have it done every year. Every procedure comes with the possibility of complications, but in this case they are very uncommon and usually easily resolved with treatment.

Does insurance cover my procedure?

Custom Lens Replacement is considered an elective procedure, so insurance companies won’t offer coverage. However, you can use HSA or FSA money towards your procedure cost.

Can I afford Custom Lens Replacement?

When you add up the cost of yearly exams, new prescriptions, and expensive glasses or bifocals, it ends up being a lot of money over the life of your eyes. We find that patients actually save money over the life of their eyes by getting Custom Lens Replacement. We also offer 0% interest financing and low monthly payment options to make sure it works with your budget. You can give us a call to figure out your best payment option!

Will I still have to wear readers, bifocals, or glasses?

At 43Vision, our goal is always glasses free after 43! The majority of our patients who have Custom Lens Replacement can expect to be able to do their normal daily activities without any glasses. Blended LASIK patients can expect the same, but your natural lens will continue to harden and the need for readers will be more noticeable, at which point you want to proceed with Custom Lens Replacement.

What procedure at 43Vision is right for me?

The only way to know which procedure is right for you is to schedule your free exam and get an official recommendation from our doctors. You can also take our quick self test to find out which procedure may be right for your eyes.