High-Powered Correction

The Visian ICL is an advanced vision correction treatment technology and LASIK alternative for those patients with moderate to severe nearsightedness, astigmatism, dry eyes, thin corneas or any combination of these issues. Simply put, Visian ICL is a BETTER option than LASIK for many people.

The lens used in this procedure is a lot like a regular contact lens, but unlike contact lenses, it’s completely maintenance-free. Best of all, the recovery is quick and you can see improvements in your vision almost immediately.

Visian ICL Overview

How it Works

To correct your vision, the advanced Collamer lens is inserted into your eye, in front of the natural lens but behind the iris, so it is invisible to anyone looking at you. The lens corrects your prescription and has you seeing clearly – without glasses or contacts.

Who is a Candidate?

A good candidate for the Visian ICL is typically someone with a higher degree of nearsightedness (myopia), with or without astigmatism, or patients with thin corneas. Age is less of a factor for this procedure, but if you have been told you are not a candidate for vision correction in the past, this may be the perfect procedure for you!

Is it Safe?

Visian ICL has a great track record, with over 900,000 performed to date in 63 different countries. The procedure is also reversible; the lens can be removed at any time and does not permanently change the shape or structure of the eye.

Popular Benefits

  •  The quality of vision has been shown in several studies to be as good as or better than LASIK for high prescriptions.
  •  It is quick, virtually painless, and the results are immediate.
  • Patients report less halos and glares than patients of refractive surgery as well as glasses wearers
  •  With ICL, we are able to treat levels of nearsightedness that far exceed the limits of refractive surgery

ICL Technology

With the Implantable Collamer Lens technology, we are now able to treat levels of nearsightedness that were previously thought to be untreatable.

The Visian ICL is made from Collamer, an exclusive technologically advanced lens material. Because of the collagen in Collamer, it is bio-compatible with the eye, creates clear, sharp vision, and provides built-in UV protection.

Each patient’s lenses are hand-selected and customized by the surgeon to ensure the best possible results. This procedure can also be combined with a LASIK treatment if we find that it will further improve results.

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Pricing & Financing Options

At ClearSight we believe Visian ICL should be affordable.

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Procedure Cost

With current specials, our All-inclusive procedure price for ICL ranges from

All-Inclusive Procedure Includes:

  • All examinations
  • Visian ICL procedure for both eyes
  • All medications & drops
  • All post-operative examinations
  • “20/20 or it’s free” Guarantee*
  • Lifetime Commitment touch on ups*
*Money Back Guarentee & Lifetime Commitment details are provided at your Free Exam. CLOSE

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